S-hande Silicone Sex Kegel Exercise Ball


S-hande Silicone Sex Kegel Exercise Ball

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1.Simply the S-Hande Lamboll kegel weights system will help women improve life quality.

2.Who need this system--a. Have Incontinence from aging, recent childbirth, or multiple childbirthsover the years b. Have Pelvic organ Prolapse c. Want to feel better in the bedroom

3.With S-Hande Kegel weights system, you will get stronger, get tighter, prevent Prolapse and stop Leaks!

4.Why 2 weights?--Because every woman is different and starts at a different strength level. With this proven system, no matter which weight you startwith there will always be room for improvement.

5.Training 5 minutes everyday, after 1~2 months, you will have stronger and tighter pelvic muscles for improved bladder contro, labor recovery and confidence

Features :

This kegel balls are 2 chains, 3 balls design. 

One chain is 1 ball, 40g

The other is 2 balls, 80.5g

You can combine these 2 chains to use


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